View Full Version : Cd Drive Problem?

KaK// LemonV2
12-06-2006, 09:50 PM
Everytime I put my BF2 CD inside the slot, it just pushes it back out a few seconds later, as a soda machine would if you put in the dollar wrong or something. Does anything know whats wrong?

12-07-2006, 01:01 AM
Does this hapen with other CDs?

KaK// LemonV2
12-07-2006, 11:44 AM
Occasionally with my 1942 cd yes

And it doesnt ALWAYS do this, but it does take a few tries to get it to stay in.

BsP Firelord
12-07-2006, 12:48 PM
Then your drive is definately broken.
Until you get a replacement I strongly recommend to use a miniimage. That way you donīt need the CDs. There are also miniimges for BF1942 out there ;)

12-07-2006, 05:20 PM
Drives aren't expensive either, so you might spring $15-$30 for a new one. I got a 52x CD drive and I'm loving the speed that it rips music at. I haven't timed it, but I'd estimate ripping a CD at 1:30. Only disadvantage is that it doesn't burn DVDs, but it reads them fine and burns CDs fast as well.

KaK// LemonV2
05-12-2007, 09:57 PM
I have a hl-dt-st cdrw dvd gcc4482 driver.

Will any CD Drive be able to plug into what I have if i got a new one?

05-13-2007, 12:54 AM
Every CD/DVD/CD-RW/DVD-RW will be able to plug into your IDE-cable. Which means yes. And unless the new fancy Blu-Ray/HD-DVD drives use SATA, even those will go in aswell.